Mobile Banking

Go mobile and stay connected

NetBanc Personal users can bank on the move with Mobile Banking*. If you are already using NetBanc Personal then Mobile Banking is a perfect fit. Keep in mind mobile users must have text capability to use this service. With JCB Mobile Banking you may:

  • Download JCB app for FREE
  • Use a mobile browser to access your JCB accounts
  • Locate the closest JCB ATM and Banking Centers with hours of operation for your convenience
  • Have access 24/7 to your JCB accounts
  • Send text commands to receive information about your JCB accounts

Sign up for Mobile Banking

  1. Be a current or register to be a JCB NetBanc user
  2. Log onto your NetBanc account and you will be asked to Enroll in Mobile Banking with an option of
    • Enroll now
    • Ask me later (prompted again in 30 days)
    • Or Decline (prompted again in 90 days)
  3. Select Enroll Now
  4. You will proceed to Terms & Conditions Acceptance and have the option of accessing a printer friendly version. Click Continue
  5. Select the services you would like available on your mobile phone. Click Continue
  6. You will then be guided to enter your time zone by clicking on the arrow next to the Time Zone box
  7. Select the accounts you would like to be accessible to your mobile phone. Click continue
  8. Enter your mobile phone number and click continue (you can register more than one mobile phone but you will have to do so individually)
  9. A text message with an activation code will be sent to your mobile phone and will expire if not accessed after 24 hours of the first use
  10. Depending on the services you selected you will receive one or more text messages after activation
*Standard airtime and data charges may apply. Availability subject to carrier limitations and phone capabilities.