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JCB’s Dress-A-Doll® Program Spreads Holiday Cheer

Oct 6, 2017

JCB is pleased to announce the continuation of the annual Dress-A-Doll program this holiday season.  JCB customers may check out a doll from JCB at no cost in order to dress the doll and return it to be donated to a local organization giving toys to children for Christmas.

Once all the dolls have been returned to JCB, they will be judged and ribbons will be awarded for best dressed doll in each category and an overall Grand Prize winner. As Christmas draws near, the dolls will be donated to local charitable organizations who will then distribute them to children in the area.  “We are grateful for the community’s support of this traditional JCB program,” stated Sara Bevers Hildreth, JCB Marketing Officer. “We believe every child should be smiling on Christmas morning.”

Anyone interested in participating may visit any JCB banking center to check out a doll during bank hours after October 6, 2017. All dolls should be returned to JCB by October 31, 2017.

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