Planning for the Future

Investment Management Services

We specialize in creating custom-tailored investment programs that are designed to help our clients achieve their investment objectives. We serve individuals, families, businesses, retirement plans, and charitable foundations.

Separate Account Management

  • An initial Investment Management Proposal, custom-tailored to acknowledge your specific investment objectives and special circumstances
  • Custom-tailored, diversified portfolio of individual securities, including investment-grade fixed income securities and common stocks


  • Conservative and disciplined investment philosophy based on classic investment and valuation principles
  • Monitoring of portfolio asset allocations and securities

Mutual Fund Program

  • Matches your investment objective with appropriate Model Portfolio of complementary mutual funds
  • Annual portfolio rebalancing uses established asset allocation guidelines


  • Objective investment criteria select the best mutual funds

Your Benefits

  • You will build a relationship with a trusted and capable investment advisor that is based on clear communication of goals and concepts
  • You will be secure in the knowledge that your assets are working to meet your investment goals


  • Increases the likelihood of producing competitive portfolio returns over the long-term
  • Sound risk management decreases the likelihood of experiencing meaningful principal volatility in your portfolio

Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.
Securities offered by JCB are not guaranteed, not FDIC insured, and may lose value.


Meet Your Trust Officers

JCB's Trust Officers have the experience and knowledge to guide your financial decisions. Contact one of our Trust Officers to learn about our services.

Dan Anderson

Dan Anderson, CTFA

Senior Vice President, Chief Wealth Management Officer

jc bank 812-524-4436 800-204-6477 x 4436

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Dan Anderson, CTFA
Brandon L Hunsley

Brandon L. Hunsley, CTFA

Assistant Vice President & Trust Officer

jc bank 812-524-4411 800-204-6477 x 4411

jc bank Email Brandon

Brandon L. Hunsley, CTFA

Brian W. Hamp

Assistant Vice President & Trust Officer

jc bank 812-524-4423

jc bank Email Brian

Brian W. Hamp

Denise Schneider Siefker

Assistant Trust Officer

jc bank 812-524-4482

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Denise Schneider Siefker