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We strive to provide security and dependability in all of aspects of your business banking experience.

Privacy FAQs

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How does JCB define privacy?

JCB views privacy as the policies and procedures we use to protect our customers' identity and account relationship information.

Does JCB share customer information?

No. JCB does not share customer or former customer information with third parties.

Do you have to provide me with a privacy statement?

Yes. We provide the required Notice of Financial Privacy Rights to customers at account opening and annually thereafter.

Do the privacy statements apply to every JCB customer?

Our privacy statements apply only to consumers, not a commercial or business entity. (A consumer is a person who applies for, obtains or has obtained a financial product or service that is to be used for personal, family, or household purposes from a financial institution).

Are all my JCB accounts covered under these privacy statements?

Yes, all of your personal accounts are covered by our privacy policies.

Why does JCB keep such detailed information about my relationships with the bank?

JCB collects, uses and retains non-public personal information about customers only when it is reasonably necessary and useful in administering JCB business and in providing customers with significant benefits including fraud prevention and regulatory compliance.

What types of information are gathered about me?

JCB gathers general information such as your name and address, as well as account information and histories, credit histories, income information, and data relating to loans and transactions.

Who sees my information with JCB?

JCB shares your information on a strict need-to-know basis among its various divisions, as well as with companies that are owned by or subsidiaries of the bank.

Is my personal information shared with organizations or individuals outside JCB?

We do not provide your information to outside organizations or individuals with the exception of those that offer support services to JCB and are under strict guidelines maintaining the same criteria.