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We're Committed to Extraordinary Service

Mission Statement & Philosophy

Mission Statement
Fulfilling customers' dreams and goals is our job; building value for shareholders, employees, customers and communities is our responsibility.

In providing a full range of traditional banking services and other relevant services to our customers, we are guided by core values which are at the HEART of our organization; we are known and set apart by "Extraordinary Service."

Proud of Our Long Tradition of Extraordinary Service

The Jackson County Loan and Trust Company was opened in 1900 with an initial capital of $25,000. Now known as JCBank and with 120+ years of service, the bank has held fast to the values upon which it was founded and has grown to serve multiple counties and to assets of more than $819 million.

The success and growth of this institution is a direct result of JCBank’s commitment to provide and support extraordinary products and services which meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. We will continue to thrive and evolve by being attentive to enhancing the value of our stockholders’ investment, by offering convenient locations, embracing technological advances in the banking industry, preserving the values and philosophies upon which we were founded and giving back to the communities that we serve.

JCB Celebrates 120+ Years!

JCB's Core Values

JCBank is Committed to Providing Extraordinary Service.

Five core values are at the heart of our commitment to our stockholders, our employees, our customers and the communities we serve. These five core values are Honesty, Encouragement, Accountability, Respect, and Teamwork. Together, they form the HEART of JCBank.

JCBank's Core Values:


Our team members and JCBank customers rely on us to always choose the path of honesty and to follow through in a forthright, direct, clear, complete and sincere manner.


To succeed, to excel, and to make the very best of every situation requires the continuing encouragement of each other and JCBank customers.


At JCBank, we have an obligation and a willingness to accept responsibility for all our actions-every hour of every day.


Every individual is important; our actions define our respect for all of our fellow team members and JCBank customers.


Together, all members of JCBank work as a team, putting aside our personal priorities, in order to achieve our common goal.

JCBank's Senior Leaders

Possessing rich and diverse industry knowledge, JCBank's senior leadership team delivers an unprecedented level of commitment and value to our customers and shareholders. Select a photo for contact information.

1 Veatch Marvin - Web

Marvin S. Veatch

President, Bancorp of Southern Indiana, President and CEO of JCB

jc bank Email Marvin

Marvin S. Veatch
3 Anderson Dan - Web

Dan Anderson

SVP, Chief Wealth Management Officer

jc bank Email Dan

Dan Anderson
4 Applewhite Andy - Web

Andy Applewhite

SVP, Chief Mortgage & Consumer Lending Officer

jc bank Email Andy

Andy Applewhite
5 Jaynes Mary Ellen - Web

Mary Ellen Jaynes

SVP, Chief Credit Administration Officer

jc bank Email Mary

Mary Ellen Jaynes
6 Miller Curtis - Web

Curtis Miller

SVP, Chief Information Systems Officer

jc bank Email Curtis

Curtis Miller
7 Nolting Jeff - Web

Jeff Nolting

SVP, Chief Banking Officer

jc bank Email Jeff

Jeff Nolting
Redd, Jason - Web

Jason Redd

SVP, Chief Financial Officer

jc bank Email Jason

Jason Redd
8 Yarnell Melodie - Web

Melodie Yarnell

SVP, Chief Risk & Management Services Officer

jc bank Email Melodie

Melodie Yarnell