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Retirement Planning

Talk to JCB’s Investment Representative today about establishing a retirement plan.

Planning for retirement is an ongoing process of establishing realistic goals and managing financial assets to accomplish those goals. Those not yet retired are accumulating the assets needed to finance their goals. Retirees are focusing on maximizing current income and making retirement savings last.

As a general rule, we will need approximately 80% of pre-retirement income to meet expenses during retirement. Social Security and employer sponsored retirement plans may not be sufficient.

The retirement planning process should take into account the following factors:

  • Target retirement age - Is early retirement possible, or do working years need to be extended? What is the planning time frame?
  • The effects of inflation - Does income need to increase to maintain a comfortable standard of living throughout retirement?
  • Life expectancy - How many years do resources need to last?
  • The rate of return on investments before and during retirement - Will increasing the potential rate of return increase the likelihood of achieving retirement goals?

401k Rollover

Starting a new job? Don’t forget to rollover your 401(k) funds.

JCB’s Investment Representative can help you choose an investment program for your funds.

A 401(k) Rollover from a previous employer affords several opportunities and investment options. JCB Investor Services can help design an investment program that fits your needs.

  • Like an IRA rollover you may do this rollover without any tax consequences
  • Leaving a 401(k) behind is like leaving your wallet or purse behind
  • Roll the funds into an IRA, another eligible employer plan or a pension type plan

IRA Rollover

Before you make decisions about your pension distributions, talk to JCB’s Investment Representative.

We can help you find the option that best fits your needs.

In this time of job-changing and downsizing, you may need guidance on what to do with the assets accumulated in your company sponsored retirement plan.

  • You may preserve income tax benefits by rolling over into a Rollover IRA
  • You may take the lump sum and pay the tax and penalties
  • You may even have the option to maintain the account intact until retirement age

What does Rollover mean?

A Rollover moves money from a 401(k) or other qualified retirement plan into an IRA. If receiving a payout from a company-sponsored retirement plan, a rollover IRA could be to your advantage. You will maintain a tax-deferred status on your retirement savings and avoid penalties and taxes (restrictions, limitations and fees may apply).

What is a Direct Rollover Option?

If you choose to have your employer directly rollover your retirement plan payout into a Rollover IRA, you will avoid the IRS withholding tax.

Life Insurance

If the unthinkable were to happen, would your family be financially secure?

To protect your family, talk to JCB about life insurance planning.

The unexpected loss of a family member can cause tremendous emotional suffering, but if the loved one was a major contributor to the family’s financial well-being, that suffering can be compounded by severe financial strain. By managing the risk of such a financial loss, families can reduce the stress and have some peace of mind knowing the surviving members will be financially secure.

Determining how to anticipate the loss of a loved one can be accomplished through appropriate life insurance planning.

  • Family lifestyle - How will a loss of income impact the family and what level of income should be maintained?
  • Current debts - Will the family be able to maintain its financial obligations or should these debts be paid off?
  • Spouse and dependent care issues - Are there children at home and do they have ongoing educational and support needs? Will the surviving spouse be able to survive on his/her own?
  • Existing family resources - What income or assets are available to provide for continuing family needs? Are these resources sufficient?

Estate Planning

When it’s time to plan your estate, turn to someone you can trust.

Contact JCB’s Investor Services representative to learn more.

Arranging for the orderly handling, disposition, and administration of an estate when the owner passes includes:

  • Drawing up a will
  • Setting up trusts
  • Minimizing estate taxes
  • Passing property to heirs before death
  • Setting up a bypass trust or a testamentary trust

Trust services offered through JCB Investment Management & Trust.

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