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From investments to estate planning, you can rely on JCB Wealth Management.

You'll always have a name, a face, and a trusted partner to work within designing, developing, and carefully following the course you've charted.

Investment Management Services

You can rely on JCB’s Trust Officers to manage your investments and make wise decisions.

When you invest a lifetime of hard work building a comfortable life and future for your family, you don't want any surprises, you want security. You want someone you trust helping you to handle all those plans you've carefully made.

To be secure in the knowledge that your assets are working to meet your investment goals, please contact one of our Trust Officers for a no-cost portfolio review and consultation.

Trust Services

There are many advantages to establishing a trust. JCB can help guide you along the way.

Officers at JCB hold very dear their responsibilities as trustees. These responsibilities include holding trust property for safekeeping, investing trust assets prudently, making distributions from the trust to the beneficiaries as instructed or allowed by the trust document, and providing accurate, complete records for reporting and accountability purposes. These tasks are done in a competent, professional manner worthy of the trust placed in JCB's Trust Department by our clients.

We are full-time professional trustees available to you and your family. For more information on Trusts and our Trustee services, please contact the Trust Department and speak with one of our Trust Officers.

Individual Retirement Accounts

JCB’s Trust Department provides Managed IRA services for clients seeking a personalized plan to meet specific goals and objectives. Self-directed IRAs are also available for clients wishing to manage their own investments. A full range of investment alternatives are available.

For more information on IRAs and planning for your retirement, please contact the Trust Department and speak with one of our Trust Officers.

Agent for Individuals/Power of Attorney

As your Agent or Power of Attorney, JCB will prudently manage your financial affairs.

JCB Trust Officer’s provide investment assistance to our clients as agent or power of attorney under a document specifying the duties of the Bank. The Trust Department provides all safekeeping and record keeping services as well as comprehensive bill paying and personal financial management if the client so desires.

For more information about how you might benefit by having JCB act as your Agent or Power of Attorney, please contact the Trust Department and speak with one of our Trust Officers.

Estate Administration

We believe extraordinary service only comes from knowing you and your goals.

A primary function of our trust professionals is assisting our clients in planning for the transfers of their estate. We work with our clients and their other professional advisors (attorneys, accountants, etc.) to ensure the maximum estate transfer to the beneficiaries of the client's choosing. The Trust Department can act as executor of an estate; we ensure our client's wishes are carried out with minimum disruption to the remaining family members. As independent professionals, we can attend to the technical requirements of estate administration and frequently avoid ill feelings that might be inadvertently generated among family members.

For more information on our estate planning and administration services, please contact the Trust Department and speak with one of our Trust Officers.

Guardianship Services

We work to make sure the financial needs of a person placed in guardianship are met.

JCB’s Trust Department personnel assist individuals for whom the court has deemed in need of guardianship. The officers of the Trust Department work with the court, counsel, and Guardian-of-the-Person to help insure that financial needs of the child/incapacitated adult are fully addressed. In doing so, we strive to provide the family and Guardian-of-the-Person peace of mind and confidence in knowing that the financial affairs of their loved ones are in capable hands.

For more information on guardianships and the guardianship process, please contact the Trust Department and speak with one of our Trust Officers.

Escrow Agent

We act as a neutral third-party to conclude your financial transaction.

JCB can act as agent to holds funds in escrow for an individual or entity until terms of an underlying agreement are met; such as completion of the sale of a business or real estate, merger and acquisition, private placement and subscription, or other business escrows.

For more information on our escrow services, please contact the Trust Department and speak with one of our Trust Officers.

Section 1031 Real Estate Exchange Trusts

JCB can act as trustee for a 1031 real estate exchange trust. This arrangement is not always beneficial to everyone. You are encouraged to seek the advice of your attorney and tax advisor to determine how the use of a Section 1031 "Starker" exchange will affect your situation.

For more information on Real Estate Exchanges Trusts, please contact the Trust Department and speak with one of our Trust Officers.

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JCB's Trust Department Officers

The Trust Department of JCB is large enough to provide the quality of service its clients deserve, and small enough to provide an extraordinary level of personal service. Please contact us for more information. Select a photo for contact information.

Dan Anderson

Dan Anderson, CTFA

Senior Vice President, Chief Wealth Management Officer

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Dan Anderson, CTFA
Brandon L Hunsley

Brandon L. Hunsley, CTFA

Assistant Vice President & Trust Officer

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Brandon L. Hunsley, CTFA

Brian W. Hamp

Assistant Vice President & Trust Officer

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Brian W. Hamp

Denise Schneider Siefker

Assistant Trust Officer

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Denise Schneider Siefker

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