Your Banking

Bank the Way YOU Like with JCB's Convenient Add-Ons

At JCB you can choose from many add-ons to help you bank in the way most convenient for you.

Additional Add-Ons:

  • Lifestyle Advantage
    Lifestyle Advantage features free unlimited checks and GenGold benefits available for a modest monthly fee. Learn what GenGold has to offer.
  • Automatic Funds Transfer
    Automatic Funds Transfer can routinely transfer funds to another account
  • Overdraft Protection Options
    A variety of Overdraft Protection Options, such as Balance Protection, Cashline and JCB's Overdraft Program (fees apply) help protect you from overdrawing your account*

  • Prepaid Cards
    Whether you need a gift card, a reloadable card, or a prepaid card for travel, we have you covered.
  • Credit Cards
    Our JCB credit cards can help you build credit or pay for unforeseen needs. Click here to learn more!
  • Wire Transfer Service
    Wire Transfer Service helps you get money there quickly (fees apply)