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*APR is annual percentage rate. Limited time offer. Rates, terms and conditions effective as of 3/1/19. Subject to credit approval. Property insurance required. The cost for insurance and property taxes is the responsibility of the borrower and is excluded from the no closing cost promotion. Application must be received by 5/11/19 and the loan must close. Introductory discounted fixed rate in effect for the first 6 months. Thereafter, variable rate APR based on The Wall Street Journal Prime rate, currently 5.50% and is subject to change monthly and may include a margin based on credit score and loan-to-value at the time of consummation. Minimum 5.50% APR and maximum 21% APR. The discounted introductory rate and no closing costs are available to qualified borrowers with a 700 credit score or higher, maximum loan-to-value of 90%, $5,000 new money, and owner-occupied residential properties only. The term is 10 years of monthly interest only payments during the draw period followed by 10 years of monthly principal and interest payments. An annual fee of $55 will be assessed after the first year and each year the loan is open during the 10 year draw period. A prepayment penalty of $350 will be charged if paid off and closed within 12 months of consummation. Consult your tax advisor about the deductibility of interest. Other restrictions may apply. See a loan officer for full details. JCB NMLS #738802. 800-204-6477.



JCB Offers Two Types of Home Equity Loans

Choose a home equity line of credit or home equity installment.

Home Equity Line of Credit

A great resource for home remodeling projects, vacation or travel, small business cash flow needs or as a backup for unexpected life events.

How it works:

  • The line of credit is set up with a credit limit that is based on the equity available in your home and credit qualifications.
  • First 10 years to draw and interest only payment.
  • 10 years fixed payment of principal and interest, followed by 10 years amortization of active balance reduction through a fixed principal and interest payment.

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Home Equity Installment

A great resource when you know the amount of funds needed up front, like a new roof, a room addition or consolidating debt.

  • Allows repayment of funds at a fixed rate of interest over a period of 10 years or less with monthly scheduled payments.
  • Payments can even be auto-deducted from a JCB deposit account.

Lending to qualified borrowers residing in Jackson, Lawrence, Jennings, Bartholomew and contiguous counties in Indiana.

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Meet JCB's Loan Officers

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Jeri Burbrink

Jeri Ann Burbrink

AVP, Retail Loan Officer

NMLS# 789429

jc bank 812-522-3607 x 4601

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Jeri Ann Burbrink
Mary Speer lender

Mary B. Speer

Mortgage Loan Officer

NMLS# 1783152

jc bank 812-345-0993

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Mary B. Speer
Cindy Grant

Cindy L. Grant

Mortgage Loan Officer

NMLS# 452634

jc bank 317-868-4601

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Cindy L. Grant
Robin Collingsworth

Robin Emily Collingsworth

Retail Loan Officer

NMLS# 573358

jc bank 812-275-1120 x 3101

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Robin Emily Collingsworth

Amanda M. Young

Retail Loan Officer

NMLS# 1630224

jc bank 812-378-0850 812-374-6169

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Amanda M. Young
Jessica Dicken

Jessica D. Dicken

Mortgage Loan Officer

NMLS# 134566

jc bank 317-474-5287 812-373-3082

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Jessica D. Dicken
Richard Bicknell

Richard Bicknell

AVP, Retail Loan Officer

NMLS# 789428

jc bank 812-524-4409

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Richard Bicknell
Brenda Habenicht

Brenda Jo Habenicht

Officer, Loan Production Office Leader

NMLS# 789430

jc bank 812-346-8014

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Brenda Jo Habenicht
Mary Ann Jordan

MaryAnne Jordan

AVP, Retail Loan Area Manager

NMLS# 789431

jc bank 812-524-4424

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MaryAnne Jordan
 To determine the equity available in your home, take 90% of the market value of your home and subtract what you owe.

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